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The core of our mission is to provide information through articles that are credible and focused on topics that give all of us the necessary tools. 

Community is created when we realize that everything is connected including each other. The silver cord of life flows through everyone and ME.

The art of ME is to bring beauty to the world. We are all tapped into that divine frequency and everyone hears a worthy song. By creating a space for different and original beings to come together and share of themselves, the ultimate goal is realized. 

Let’s create a community of like-minded people supporting each other on life’s journey. 

All we have is bliss.

We’re in this together.

One Love.

Food is Medicine

Going back to the roots of mankind in regards to food and the importance it plays in our existence. We truly are what we eat.

Hello world!

A quest for enlightenment doesn’t come easy. This is not all rainbows and sunshine thou might say. After every storm though shall be promised a brighter day.

Your Pineal Gland and Why It’s So Important

The pineal is where it all starts. In this article you will read about science and philosophy. The Ying and the Yang. It is meant to make us aware.

Extinction and Existentialism

When an individual realizes the full potential he/she possess, it gives their lives meaning and purpose. Ultimately that is what we are all searching for: meaning. With a shift of the mind; an opening and cleansing of the pineal occurs. An acceptance that every person has a path and that the way to find that path is by letting more love in. Love is a frequency that resonates through the human body and touches every molecule in the DNA strand.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is an excellent way to fuse spirituality and science in a repeated arrangement of forms. We can see this in nature providing a window into the web of creation in all life. Various theories have been made, over the concept of geometry as an important aspect for the creation of emotions, feelings and physical responses to our very surroundings. The universe is in constant vibration and this may be due to the geometrical way it has been created and how one of the key concepts, the Flower of Life, is the representation of everything including movement.

The Beginning

Sumerian civilization is where all societies spawned from. Greeks and Asians were second only to the Sumerians. Learn how life really began.

Water and Fluoride

Water is paramount, not only to our survival but to our success as a dominant species. In order to evolve and thrive, we need to have a sharp instinct and a healthy body.

Sun Gazing – Sun Healing

The act of sun gazing or eating the sun, is one of the most beneficial things a human being or any other animal can do for physical, mental and spiritual improvement. When you look at the sun, the electromagnetic energy given off circumvents your physical state and goes straight to your brain to recharge your batteries and neutralize your body for the better, without causing loss of vision in the process.

Kratom; History, Uses and Effects

Known throughout South East Asia, Kratom has been used for millennia as a stimulant, in traditional medicine, and in social settings.

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