Mindz Eye


a movement fluent in self-awareness.

Honing on frequencies 

about raising Our levels of consciousness.

 Specialized in designz & apparel.

With great intentions to evolve, activate

Thy Pineal,

and shift.

We’re in this together

All We have is bliss.

One Love.



Custom Designed Special-T

From the artist, through the pigment and over the void; ME Special-T. The design that started it all is available for customization to fit your individual flavor and flair. Choose three colors for the tie-dye spiral and the iris of the brainy eye. The brain will complement the colors you choose. The fabric is woven from 100% unbleached organic cotton sourced in the USA. 

Homo Sapiens Migrate from Africa

Buddha born in Shakya Republic

Construction of Stonehenge

Jesus born in Bethlehem

Arrival of a New Age

Moses leads his people out of Egypt

Muhammad born in Mecca

What is Direct to Garment (DTG)?

We use D&B Designs at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine. The only school of it’s kind in the state. ME is proud to source our products from vendors who make a difference in their community.

 DTG printing utilizes cutting edge technology. Artwork is able to be dyed directly onto apparel via a modified inkjet printer. The ink sets into the fibers of the material, thereby becoming apart of it. Images are preserved more efficiently, losing no detail from the original painting. 

These designz are straight out of the head and onto the paper. That’s why we use DTG – it’s the only way to fully capture the essence of the artwork. Even though it’s reprinted from an original, you’re still getting a one-of-a-kind every time.  

Our Artists



Riding over the bridge right now. Reading the things I once did. Re-living the days reaching an old age. I’m thirty and can remember riding over this bridge. From St.Petersburg to Tampa. Taking my exit on into the port of Ybor City. Where the heart of the night life still thrives. Still beats to the music. I remember walking in as if VIP. No reservation, just me: DP.  Dressed in all sweats only to take it off in a back locker room full of X-convicts and drag queens. I lived, loved, laughed. Like requiem for a dream. The money was good but so was the vibe.

Now I can’t drive… Could have died in that car crash but God; I’m alive. The thing about it all is that I have much more to care for. My kiddos needed me most so falling, reaching a bottom had its blessing in disguise. I may have not seen it then. At a time when I was about prime. At a peak but blind. My baby momma had lost her mind. All I could do was try to get mine. Not ever trying to write rhymes. I gave up on the thought of doing something that may have not worked out in the past. If I want to be a star; stars burn out fast. They use up their fuel supply and burst into supernova. This time I’ve gotta do shit right. Gotta make this last.

“Adrenaline; what’s worth living if it’s to die for?”   –D.P.



Born and raised in a scrap yard, all I needed was a name. So they call me Coaltrain. Metal was in my blood and fire in my hands. Finessing treasures from the Earth itself. I’ve found ways to manipulate these elements and make magic. These sorcerers stones will sure help keep you on your throne and last the days if you cherish them well.

It’s pretty much consumed me now… As I have hand-made all of my tools like the art I create. Wrapping gems was second nature. Torches and scorching/ melting metal was first but never forgotten. 


Greatly inspired to be apart and aspire. An eye for the design of this Universal thread in which we are all connected to.

Gifted in feeding the soul with a background in custom floral, a Bachelors in Marketing and years of waitressing while still raising four beautiful little ones. I believe in this shift and our ability to evolve above the mundane. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some interesting facts about ME

What is Our mission?

ME strives to spread that good vibe for more to feel. Through art a shift is possible. By focusing and channeling Universal energy we can activate our DNA and evolve to rise above the mundane.

Who are We?

ME; a collective of artists who believe “it is what you make it”.

Whether it’s murals, logos, t-shirts or signs. No task too big or small.

Just reach out and contact ME.

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