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Frequently Asked Questions

Some interesting facts about ME

What is Our mission?

ME strives to spread that good vibe for more to feel. Through art a shift is possible. By focusing and channeling Universal energy we can activate our DNA and evolve to rise above the mundane.

Who are We?

ME; a collective of artists who believe “it is what you make it”.

Whether it’s murals, logos, t-shirts or signs. No task too big or small.

Just reach out and contact ME.

Join Us

Through art a shift is possible. 

When you join Mindz Eye, you enter into a community of like minded people. By becoming a member you will receive exclusive access to design debuts, bimonthly newsletters with helpful information and supportive material like recipes or instructions about how to implement easy lifestyle changes, all focused on raising your level of awareness. 

ME is here to help, either with a continuing journey or if your just beginning. 

Activists, let’s activate!