Original photography and poetry

Original Framed Print “Starship Dreaming”



Tune into the frequencies of Love. This is starship dreaming. Keeping my mind within reason, Yahweh, because in some magnificent way I can stay breathing. Transcending of light from another time. We are not blind. Aware of the shift. Do not fear.
Be uplifted; the secret is here, your DNA and activating of the Pineal. For many years sadly, man has poisoned us dead blindly. That’s why I said, “Yahweh, aka, YHWH!”
Keep within prayer from your heart. Knew it from the start. That money and greed be tearing us a part. Learn from the Messiah but there is om who sits even higher?
Our son was born to fulfill the prophesies of our solar system, among the many others, billions of other UNIVERSES. Still there is 1 mind, 1 heart, and 1 body… Heavenly we sit among the stars.
People being sent to Mars by 2030 but you’ve got to have 1 milly… It’ll be expensive to cultivate that planet. Therefore geoengineering? Life’s like a myth, a teenage science project gone bad.
Now I’m fucking mad. Emotion is bent, and my patience spent. Even though to think is kind of sad? I’ve had it up to here with these giant corps, I want to make them corpses, let’s put them on blast! Send there asses off in some capsules!
The situations depressed. What happened to sovereignty? There’s no space for this greed. We’ve got to make some changes.


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