jewelry pine cone pendant
jewelry pine cone pendant

Glow Turquoise Pinecone Pendant


Crushed turquoise glow crystal pendant

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These necklaces are hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest pine-cone – a species which can only reproduce in forest fires – the Knobcone Pine.

Regarded as a master healing stone, Turquoise is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. Its beautiful coloration is said to evoke the energy of heaven to arrive on earth, bringing with it abundance, grounding, and protection. It is also ideal for facilitating honest and clear communication from the heart.

Crushed Turquoise has been carefully mixed with a powerful Phosphorescent powder, then inlaid into the center of this unique pendant — which brightly glows in the dark! The pendant hangs on braided hemp cord. You can choose from three Earth shades; dark brown, light brown, and tan.

Made by Third Eye Pinecones in California, USA

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Conifer pinecone, turquoise crystal, and resin epoxy. Necklace is 100% braided hemp cord.


in diameter, hung on long braided hemp cord.


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