Art of Framed picture of vintage car with poem

The Death of ME


Original photography featuring a 1970 Oldsmobile 98. Floating poetry is painted on top in candy apple red and accented in copper. The vintage frame is made of solid wood and encrusted with silver.

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The death of (ME)… Is it destined to be?

Poetry from the heart; jumpstart, Jot not to get hurt only find hurt when we love.

There’s Magic in music, words that can kill- rhyming verbs like slaughtering. Chopping it up in each verse. Body parts mangled- watch them leave in a hearse.

There is no re-verse in this thing? Allergic to the bee sting. Product of the poison. Drive! Keep you eyes on the fucking road.

I know a purse will steal you. Seduced to seem real but all she do is use you. Lied to, stolen from, feeling defeated like they’d won.

Dis-regard what I’m saying… Repeated. DP-BE-KNEE-DEEP in the game, “KNOW I’M INSAY’N!?”

Spraying, words straight from an airbrush. Must have been lust? Always want to hang with them no good-FEENS.

Push goes to shove/ prison comes next. This path it is showing/ maybe chosen.

Demons they want you in the Underworld with them. Poor decisions. Not a Christian but a near death experience will make ‘One’ believe; being saved is a must. Ask forgiveness. To be born again.

How Deep shall we go? Sell your soul…? To the Devil? Soul used to glow but no morals. Living dark now in a cold world.

Did we lose You?

R-I-P can you hear me?

Though a presence is known it doesn’t seem that your even near to me.


Think too much and we feel too little, there is such a thing called Evil.

It’s human nature. – D.P.



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