Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello World!

An Introduction to Mindz Eye (ME).

The ME will be keeping a database full of our civilization’s time change and events… Let’s cruise with this mission; in our starship dreaming. Hopefully the water stays somewhat calm, wind at just a breeze, and we can be put on auto pilot.

Tune into the frequency of love. Everything will be alright just hold on… We will be covering raw footage. Sometimes with questions arising?

A quest for enlightenment doesn’t come easy. This is not all rainbows and sunshine thou might say. After every storm though shall be promised a brighter day.

Working on self will be key here for the successor. An open mind to help guide us through the dark. Who will be the beacon? Who will strive to be a better ME? People in the past have survived millennia’s. These ancients we have a lot to learn from. If we don’t act fast though and make some positive changes… There will be plenty to yearn for.

It’s time to get things done in a proficient way. With every peak came a serious downfall. Standing on the event horizon. Watching Earth, a four and a half billion-year-old heavenly body. Truth be told… In comparison; that makes you 1 day old. So, let us see now threw the light of our Son as if our mindz eyes were of a baby. We are looking for hope and we are looking for help.

Self-discipline. Self-Love. One.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Only way to get there now is just to Try.