Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Geometry can be found in every aspect of our environment hidden within the many landscapes we see daily. Sacred geometry is what people know as the natural flow of the creations of God and how these make perfect geometrical shapes; because of this, it´s been said that God is the geometer of our lives. These beliefs can be seen in many examples of art and architecture such as altars, churches, and temples. One of the foundations of this principle is the mathematical way nature presents itself, everything we perceive can be perfectly and accurately described through math formulas and equations.

Sacred geometry is an excellent way to fuse spirituality and science in a repeated arrangement of forms. We can see this in nature providing us a window into the web of creation in all life. Various theories have been made, over the concept of geometry as an important aspect for the creation of emotions, feelings and physical responses to our very surroundings. The universe is in constant vibration and this may be due to the geometrical way it has been created and how one of the key concepts, the Flower of Life, is the representation of everything including movement.

History of Sacred Geometry

At the beginning of history in cultures and religious doctrines, like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, and others, they noticed the appearance of many geometric patterns of unique shapes in nature. In addition to this, they realized that they maintained a relationship to the elements present within the ecosystems in which they lived.

When seeing that many of the natural forms they appreciated had these patterns, they realized that it was not only present in the heavens and Earth, but that symmetry appeared in the entire universe. Sacred geometry is so fundamental, it can be seen in the very formation of our molecular structure starting with conception and cell division.

Sacred Geometry of the Heart

The human body has a perfect shape and alignment of its organs so that they can function correctly and constantly. Many of these functions are possible because of the brain and its electric impulses; however, the heart plays its own significant role. It is the valve of our body, the one in charge to inject fuel on our system.

People believe this is because of the sacred geometry of the heart based on the way it has its patterns of veins and arteries much like the universe web. It is in the upper middle torso thus making it easier to control the flow of blood. Many people believe that the heart has its own structural neural system, much like a brain, because it functions in a unique way to keep the other vital organs alive.

Everything in nature has its own heart that functions like ours. On our planet, the Earth’s inner core is what makes its’ rotation possible. Another example can be found in the middle of our universe. There is a black hole which from chaos, spit us out and spun a beautiful web, creating an ever-expanding galaxy. One that is expanding still at an increasing rate.

Nevertheless, the heart is directly associated to the soul, and that’s the reason it’s almost always in a place where balance is primordial; it guarantees a full alignment of the vital energy of its surroundings.

Sacred Geometry and Numbers

To understand sacred geometry, we need to reshape our idea of shapes and numbers, these two subjects go hand in hand, there´s no existence of one if the other is not present. Numbers and shapes unveil the canons strung together in group consciousness.

An insight to the true meaning of both shapes and numbers reveals a necessary evolution throughout creation. This is mostly tied to the platonic solids and how they are in all things. Platonic solids are three dimensional figures formed by polygons that make up five different shapes. However, numbers describe the foundations of sacred geometry. For example, the number one represents the circle as a solid rock that works like a base for every shape and continuous number, much like the unity and the wholeness of the universe.

Following this idea order, we get the number two, which represents the two sides of the universe and the polarity theory of the contrary part of everything. The number three represents the balance, the trinity of mind, body, and soul, and strength. Four represents the square and offers support and stability through its balanced shape. Five is the pentagram. This is an ancient symbol of regeneration and transformation. Six is the Star of David. It is two perfect equilateral triangles interlocking. It symbolizes the meeting of spiritual reality with the material world, “As Above – So Below”.

 The Sphere and the Circle

The perfection and simplicity of the forms can be illustrated in a magnificent way with the sphere, which expresses the fullness, the unity and the integrity of life. It lacks points of preference, or referencing, and the tangible points all start from the center where they are created, going infinitely outward until contained by something.

Almost everything that describes life begins as a sphere, from the simple atom to the complexity of the galaxy. Continuing with the spherical figure, it provides a circular shadow, which symbolizes the inseparable union; as the universe is one and cannot be divided. By overlapping several of these figures it is possible to make other forms such as the five platonic solids: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

The Platonic Solids

Platonic solids are perfect patterns of crystals that are formed in nature and which we can see within the creations of the minerals of our Earth in so many variations humans cannot keep count. We can see evidence of the five platonic solids in our earthly elements in nature according to the ancients Greeks being these the Tetrahedron, a representation of the fire, Cube or Hexahedron, to glorify the earth. Octahedron, this is said to make reference to the air, Dodecahedron meaning the ether or the spirits of the universe & the Icosahedron being the geometrical way to represent the water.

All of these elements are said to be perfect and that may be the reason they´re depicted as regular polyhedral figures. Another fact to mentions is that these are dual to each other, meaning that one cannot exist without the other. The structures that make up the five platonic solids are primal since they create with their unity the world we see.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a geometric structure made up of several superimposed circles, with uniform spacing, arranged in a sequence similar to a flower with six symmetries like a hexagon. This majestic shape is said to be perfect, proportional and harmonious. In the past, heretics believed that sacred geometry held a value in the field of religion. One that represents the primordial norms of space and time.

In an anti-religious manner, it´s believed that it has a kind of Akashic Record which possesses basic information about existence and is considered the visual way of expressing the connections of life.

In the new era, it is believed that the Flower of Life is considered to have a deep spiritual meaning within those people who are dedicated to studying the sacred geometry. There are people all over the world who are believers of meditation methods involving the Flower of Life.

The figure of the Flower of Life also has a relevant meaning in the field of history. It is possible to see evidence of this symbol located in manuscripts, temples, and art scattered throughout the width of the world.

Flower of Life Symbology

Hidden in the Flower of Life we can find some interesting symbols that represent the creation of life itself. The seed of life is composed of seven circles that have a pattern of circular lenses that overlap six times and that is the focal center of the formation of the Flower of Life. It’s believed that this symbology could represent the 7 days in which life was created.

The egg of life is a symbol made up of seven of the circles that make up the Flower of Life. The appearance that these figures superimposed in this way is very similar to that of an embryo in the first hours of gestation, thus observing its close relationship to the beginning of life.

The fruit of life is a symbol formed by 13 circles of the shape of the flower. Some believe that it is a kind of plane of the universe, a plane for the base of the creation of the atom, molecular structure and of life itself, besides you can represent the 5 platonic solids based on this symbol.

The Relationship Between Pattern and Matter

The creation in its entirety carries with it a vibrational theory and energy included. It is set for certain reasons and not just by chance. This energy follows a pattern that can be predictable even when it is constantly changing. The way in which the energy flows directly affects time and space as well as the behavior of the same.

In mathematical terms, we can describe this as formulas or sequences that connect us directly with physical phenomena. It is said that this vibration, together with the energy, determines the way in which we perceive matter. Clear examples of this are atoms, whose difference is in the number of particles that make up its totality. This could indicate that everything in the world is made up of the same material simply arranged in different ways.

Spirituality and Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is capable of transmitting energy and consciousness at quite high frequencies. Also, it is said that everything we perceive in the physical world has its sacred geometry plane. Everything is possible when relating it to the plane of spirituality inside the mind, since several of the things in which we believe and think materialize towards a plane of geometrically attainable patterns.

That which is invisible forms the visible. Physical reality and spiritual attraction can be linked through this geometry in the plane where it resides. A clear example of how this works is when we change some formula or mathematical algorithm because by doing this, we will get another result that could lead to another form.

How Can it Affects One´s Life

Every evolutionary process of growth is a process where the symmetry and the asymmetry flow and relate to each other like a river. This is partially based on the principle of tension used in some activities to give a better experience and heighten the senses for better results.

With time and observation, it is possible to observe patterns in the resonance of the universe, thus improving the symmetry of the universe together with its balance. One way to do this is by tracing images of sacred geometry during free time in order to become familiar with it. These mathematical patterns can be brought into your everyday habits, this could be a way in which sacred geometry affects your life.

In Summary

Sacred geometry is important since everything that we know is related to it, from the beginning, to how life goes and turns, and maybe the end of it. The whole meaning of these questions are perfectly described with a circle, the foundation of all the core geometry. Applying this knowledge to your life may help you understand the tight relation between spirit and science.

Understanding how one helps the other flow in the same direction is to get a better perception of life and how it is possible to describe everything around you with shapes and math formulas, logarithms or even numbers themselves.

All that surrounds you is in its perfect shape and formed the way it needs to be. All you need to do to perceive this is to open up your senses and let the natural vibrations of matter guide you to the patterns it makes.